Karin & Mike Kelleher

mé·lange: /māˈlänj/ noun, a mixture or blend

Karin and Mike Kelleher’s new album Mélange not only blends jazz and classical compositions and styles, it also combines different eras, with unique instrumentation, including string quartet, acoustic bass, drums, guitar, oboe, and voice -- all acoustic instruments and performances.

Mélange celebrates classical and jazz composers’ influence on one another, highlighting musicians who perform -- and serving listeners who enjoy -- both genres.

Produced, Composed, and Arranged by Mike Kelleher

Lead and Backup Vocals: Mike Kelleher

Violin: Karin Kelleher, Joanna Owen

Viola: Magaly Rojas Seay, Karin Kelleher

Cello: Todd Thiel, Peter Kibbe, Gita Ladd

Bass: Eliot Seppa

Drums and Percussion: Joe McCarthy

Oboe: Fatma Daglar

Guitar: Jim Roberts (Chantez les Brahms), Mike Kelleher (Black is the Color, My Love Isn’t)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Recording Engineer: Jim Robeson

Recorded at Bias Studios, Springfield VA

Photography by Karen Elliot Greisdorf

Cover art and album design by Peter Howells

Special thanks to: Mastering Engineer Mike Monseur; Katrina Potts, Carol Kelleher, and Anna Kelleher; Charlie Stokes; Peter Schuetz; Art Lewis; Jerome Franke; Pamela Hentges; the DC Irish Kitchen; and Les Ismore.

A Production of Kelleher Music, LLC

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"The Kellehers utilize the strength of vulnerability in the vocals and the violin (a string quartet) as the graceful starting point from which a wealth of soft, sweetly moving entranced transferences flow." 

Carol Banks,

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"I’d thought I had heard it all, but a string read of Herbie Hancock’s “Dolphin Dance” along with Eliot’s bass and Mike’s vocals is a Godiva Dark Chocolate treat!"​
                                               George W. Harris, Jazz Weekly

"Kelleher’s originality — either in the compositions or the arrangements — stands out from the rest with the melding of exquisite, seamless change." 

Carol Banks,